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Bank Of Canada Interest Rate Falls

Bank of Canada Rate Drop: What It Means for Home Buyers on PEI

After over four years of high interest rates, the Bank of Canada has reduced its overnight rate to 4.75%, a quarter-point reduction. This significant move signals that inflation is somewhat under control, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) steadily decreasing since August 2023. From a high of 8.1% in June

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Home Office Hybrid

The New Home Office

In the wake of the pandemic, the concept of mandatory remote work has waned, yet it has opened up a new perspective on the benefits and drawbacks of working from home for both employees and employers. The current trend leans towards a return to office work, yet a middle ground

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Moving House

“Trading” your Home

“Trading” your home, a concept that marries the selling of your current residence with the simultaneous purchase of a new one, is a strategy that’s as ambitious as it is fraught with potential pitfalls. This article navigates the complexities of this process, outlining potential issues, and discussing solutions such as

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